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Suomi English

Suomi English


Haircut (includes a wash) 30€
Partial haircut (includes a wash) 16-26€
Model change (includes a wash) 34-39€
Crew cut every 4 weeks (includes a wash) 44€
Crew cut every more than 4 weeks (includes a wash) 52€
Machine cut (does not include a wash) 12-17€
Beard shaping (machine) 10-17€
Kids, under 7-years-old (includes a wash) 18-26€
Scalp massage 17-37€


Haircut (includes a shampoo and blow-drying) 51€
Trimming 30€
Trimming plus shampoo 40€
Model change (includes blow-drying) 59-69€
Forhead hair 7-17€
Kids, under 7-years-old 22-35€

Washing, hairdressing and conditioning treatment

Wash and blow-dry 26-40€
Celebration/wedding hairstyle 45-110€
Quick hairdressing (without wash) 25-38€
Test style/design 30-42€
Intesive care fitting for your hairstyle (mask+serum) + 5 or 10 min. scalp massage (On top of another job 17-25€) 29-39€
Wash during a haircut 5-9€


Root uplift/partly rolled 98€
Short hair 110€
Semi-long hair 122€
Long hair 143€
Extra long hair 179€
Special roll 61€/h
Includes a wash and blow-dry (Not for under 16-year-olds)

Fade greys

Color Camo By length 30€ 36€ and 42€

Semi-Permanent and Tint color

Root color (max. 1,5cm) 59-79€ (+25)
Short hair (+cut) 72-86€ (+25)
Semi-long hair (+cut) 84-97€ (+25)
Long hair (+cut) 95-110€ (+25)
Extra long hair (+cut) 108-121€ (+25)
Color dissolution/lighting wash (during coloring) 16-36€/one time
(+25 euros for the haircut)

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyelash tinting 19€
Eyebrows tinting 17€
Eyebrow shaping 5-15€
Eyelashes and eyebrows (includes shaping) 30€

Multicoloring, stripes and bleach

Short hair (+cut) 114€ (+25)
Semi-long hair (+cut) 125€ (+25)
Long hair (+cut) 137€ (+25)
Extra long hair (+cut) 148€ (+25)
Babylights or Balayage +30€
(+25 euros haircut with the hair dye)


Available in Kluuvi and Forum

Hair extensions: B-long, Simply Natural or BP-hair
(attachment/removal of extensions is 61€/h, and also the price of the extensions)

Every hair treatment includes the use of styling and finishing products