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Forumin pirtti (Switch location)

Suomi English

Suomi English

Welcome to Hiusfashion Forumin pirtti!

Mon-Fri. 8-20 Sat. 9-16

Hair salon Hiusfashion Forumin pirtti opened it’s doors for the first time in 2012. The beautiful serene and open space is an invitation to calm and surrender into the hands of a professional, and we do anything from compelete makeovers to simple makeups for exaple. Also hair extensions and dreadlocks are popular.

We have a sign that lets you know when we are immediately free, but you can also book a time with us to be sure.

ATTENTION! You’ll be most likely able to get a appointment right away on mon-fri 13-16.

Our staff is professional (due to our training programs) and are great in customer service.rnInari also speaks Swedish, and Antonio speaks multiple different languages.

We dye hair with Schwarzkopf’s products. We also sell products from REDKEN, Four Reasons, Osis, Bonacure, Kevin Murphy, Cutrin; BIO+, Color MASK, No Nothing (smell-less products),  Tangle teezer, Tea tree, SYSTEM 4.

You can book a appointment from our website.


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